Sunday, November 22, 2009

Try to figure me out. You never can

I've had a pretty busy weekend. That explains why I didn't posted something new before. Yesterday I was at boyfriend's place and we went to Hoge school Utrecht (sort of college) to look for an education for boyfriend. While we were there I saw that they also had a journalism education! So I went to a presentation about it and I really want to stop with my current education now! I really want to study journalism. They described their perfect student and I though 'hey, that's me!!'. So right now I'm really motivated to finish my current education (fashion.. sigh). After looking at the school we did some grocery shopping.
And today my mom and me went to the centre of Amersfoort! It was buy-Sunday, or how you can translate it. First we went to the H&M (I really like to go there since the rebuilding). Got a new long cardigan, skirt, a pair of tights, a waistbelt and two scarf's (I'm going to show it soon!). Though I got the cardigan, scarf's and tights from my mom. I don't get often things from here, but lately I get a lot from her. It's so sweet! She really is the best mom ever. And not because she gets me things, but because she's she. After the shopping we went to the cinema to watch the new Twilight film! I must say that it was really really good. How they made the werewolves and all.

But now I'm almost off to bed. First I have to clean up my room quickly. Don't like it when my clothes are lying all over the floor. Good night everyone! Or good morning/afternoon. Just depends on where you are, right? ^^
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Not today's outfit though. Today I wore an outfit I've already posted before a while ago.
H&M jacket and tights
Selfmade dress
Vintage belt
Givenchy ankleboots


Anonymous said...

love it
thanks for sharing darling
from head to toe, flawless look
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Isabelle said...

such a sweet dress! I love it and it goes great with the jacket!

Edith Elin G.R. said...

OHH ^^ ur mom is so sweet, I want to see NEW MOON ! >.< I love ur shoes are pretty cool! <3

at.Elin Gómez Ronzón

An adiction follower of ur blog from Small city in México ;)

daisychain said...

oh I am loving your shoes sweetie

Ais said...

wat zie je er weer gorgeous uit sam! En wat hebben ze dan verbouwd in de h&m dat je 'm nu fijner vind? Gewoon de inrichting of echt nieuw decor?

a young grasshopper said...

erg mooi. vooral het jurkje.
ik zag je trouwens nog in utrecht haha.

Helen said...

that's exciting about changing your studies - hopefully you can combine the fashion with journalism. that dress is so cute, i love the ditsy pattern

This chick's got style said...

Zulke mooie schoenen :)

Laura said...

I love your dress! Make me one...pleasee? :D
You should sell the clothes that you make, I'm sure that lots of people would buy them, including me!

amh said...

oooh the selfmade dress is so cute! (Suz) said...

hele mooie jurk!

Anonymous said...

Mooie kleurencombinaties!

Dat jasje blijft heel mooi!

Mo said...

you could be a fashion journalist...:-)

Anonymous said...

Je jurkje is prachtig! En wat leuk dat je ook kleding maakt, welke opleiding doe je precies?

The High Heel Times said...

First thing first, I like this outfit of yours - no wonder if you pair it with those Givenchy ankle boots! I can't get enough of them!

Why don't you do journalism as well? I'm not familiar with the system in the Netherlands, but many people attend two universities at the same time. Is it possible for you? Nobody could stop you from becoming the editor of Vogue Holland :D

I haven't seen the new Twilight movie, but I definitely have to watch it, the first episode was a good one.

carmen said...

I want this jeacket (*_*).

Mens casual jackets said...

Really liking this look! That dress and belt look gorgeous!

Amber said...

super leuke look!!!

Raisa said...

I like the dress!
You should make a post on how to make a dress, since you know how to. :D

Imelda said...

Heel leuke outfit! ik ben echt fan van die Givenchy laarsjes en je zelfgemaakte jurk! Heel mooi!
Klinkt als een supertof weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors here and your handmade dress :).

Linh said...

Wow I love your Style <3

Raquel said...

you look lovely, I adore your dress.

Little Bow Prep said...

Cute outfit!

I especially like the belt!