Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My hair metamorphose of the past year

About a year ago I had black hair and the couple of months before that I had chocolate brown hair. And before that I had my own colour, but I had a strange hairdo. At least, I think it's strange now and I really don't know what I was thinking! So I looked on my computer for the photo's of my hair of the past year and a couple of months before that. And sorry for the crappy photo's

At the beginning in my senior year of high school.
I just don't know what I was thinking..

After that, that high thingie at my head bored me and I wanted a different colour.
But it wasn't the colour I wanted.

I wanted dark brown!

So, I had it finally dark brown. I though that ponytails were cute.

And than! I saw this cute haircut in a magazine. I wanted that too!

I got bored of the brown. So here's me, with black hair.
I look a bit like Snowwhite here.. Really white skin and black hair.

I wanted it more straight. So here with that straightener!

Yes, I saw another haircut.. But than on the internet.. Shame on me..
I was a bit into that 'emo' thing.

I got bored of the black.. Suprise suprise. I wanted blonde again
Well, let me tell you.. And show you. That went wrong

I just putted this picture here, because I think I look stoned haha.
And the hair got a bit lighter

New haircut! And this time my hairdresser came up with the idea.

Finally! The haircolour I REALLY wanted. This was worth it to walk around with orange hair for about 3 months.

Hairextensions!! Oh I wanted them so much.

And there's the brown!

Stripes? Coontail? Yes I really looked like an animal. A racoon.

There are the curls! I still like that.

My pony is back.

Gone are the extensions and hello blue hair!
Actually it's antricite. Well, my hairdresses calls it like that.

Being a bit blonde again.
And than.. My new haircut! For now.. The colour isn't great yet.. But there's a beginning!
And my dead hair is finally gone. It's healthy now


Sam said...

aww i love your haircut now. your hair has changed so many ways and i really like the color how it is now!!

TINA said...

I love your hair now! and i also liked many of your other hairstyles, like one with the blunt bangs and wavy hair.

Anonymous said...

I love your new hair!

Imelda said...

Wat een transformaties :) Ik denk dat het bij mij ook zo zou zijn, ik ben mijn kapsel altijd snel beu!

Je nieuwe kapsel is echt supermooi! Echt heel leuk! ziet er goed uit!

Anonymous said...

Wow, finally someone who changed their hair as much as I do! My friends are always amazed 'cause I'm a different colour every month :) I like a lot of them - but your current one is definitely best!

Anonymous said...

ik wil weten welke soort extensions jij had!!


Anonymous said...

you're rigth dear.i can see the similarity of our old styles esp in the 3. pic :]

Anonymous said...

Echt mooi je haar zo!
heb je het gebleekt :O
ik zie dat je ook fan bent van Tokio Hotel lol.

Sam said...

Ik zie nu pas je berichtje, na al die maanden x] Maar ik was fan, nu niet meer. Al 2 jaar niet meer. Wat op de laatste foto op de deur is geplakt zijn geen posters, maar een mode collage!^^