Monday, June 9, 2008

Some antiques

Everytime when it's sunday and I'm at my dad's, my dad, grandmother and I are going to eat something. We're always going to a restaurant called 'De colonie'. After we ate something we went to for a drive. So we were driving and suddenly my grandmother was yelling 'look what a cute store!'. I didn't even see which store she ment. My dad pulled the car over and we went for a look at the store. Apparently it was an antique store. I have a thing for antique furniture. And secretly I'm really jealous at my grandmothers appartment. I'll make some pictures of it some days and than I can show you guys. But we went into the store and I was looking around, when I saw this beautiful chair. It was white painted, but a little bit damaged and the fabric was embroidered. I just fell in love. I showed the chair to my dad and he was a bit suprised that I liked it. It's so 'old' he said. He asked if I wanted it. And I was like 'are you kidding me?! Ofcourse I want it!'. I looked further and saw this cute little closet. White with roses painted on it. And next to it, there was standing a little desk, or something with the same painted roses on it. Well, me and my florar and antique addiction wanted it. But I was a bit afraid to ask my dad I could have it. So I showed him the closet and little desk and he asked again if I wanted it. I just couldn't say no. I just couldn't! And there were those 2 little tables. Oh dear. I just loved everything there. But I was walking further when my dad asked if I wanted those 2 little tables also! So my eyes were big and my mouth was hanging open and I said 'Y-y-y-y-yes!' So I have 2 new little tables, a chair, a little desk and a closet. And it wasn't expensive at all. Especially not for antiques. All together the expenses was about €250,-.

Now we paid it, we had do move it. Get it home. Well that was a little drama. It was 30 degrees celcius outside and we had to move everything into the car. Ofcourse not everything fitted in one time. So we had to drive about 2 times. And now I have a new decorated room. And I LOVE it.

New antique little closet

New little antique desk thingie. I'm sorry I don't know the right term.

New antique chair
Little antique powderbox. The owner of the store gave it to me

Two new antique endtables

My room how it is now. It's a bit empty now though


Yucar said...

Really nice furnitures!!! They´re so sweet...

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I just love it! :) Sadly I don't have the money to buy beautiful stuff like this..

kwinst said...

Die kastjes zijn lief!
ik zou ze zelf ook kopen, ook al kan ik het niet kwijt!

Imelda said...

Wow, wat een ongelofelijk mooie nieuwe meubels!!! Ik ben echt zo jaloers nu!