Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi to Bruna and Lucas!

Wanted to say hi through my blog to the lovely and nice Bruna and Lucas! They're two amazing persons and I wanted to let them know that ^^

For the rest I don't have a lot interesting things to say. Except that I got the Chloé lace up wedges today! Gosh, they're soooooo pretty and I refuse to take them off. And I have to give them to my dad until it's Christmas... Evil, evil, evil and good for my patience. Plus I got another new something, but I'll keep that a little secret till my next post! ;)
Oh, for I forget! I wanted to thank everyone who's taking the time to comment on my blog. I really appreciate it and I'm sorry that I'm so bad at commenting back lately. My head is just full with other things. But I promise I will get back soon! I'm going to try it!
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My Dept scarf is coming out of the closet again!
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I'm back to my little cute self again, haha.
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Dahlia playsuit and necklace
H&M military jacket (addicted, addicted, addicted)
Dept scarf
M by MJ peeptoe's
Claire's bow


Marie said...

Lovely military jacket, I want one myself!

Christina said...

Such a sweet little outfit! Everything is so cute and precious, I love it! And the color palette is very inspiring.

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Oh I am loving this outfit. The playsuit is so cute, love the buttons on the bottom part. Your shoes are stunning too!

Little Lost Treasures said...

this outfit is so cute! and the heels are just fabulous

Jamie said...

Such a cute outfit! Totally love the scarf and shoes.

Lucas said...

Hi Sam, this is Lucas.
Just wanna give you a BIG thanks both for me and Bruna. You're incredible, and such an inspiration for us. We love you!

And that neckace of yours is so beautiful! And the outfit too (:

Love, Lucas

Patricia S. said...

Amazing peep toes!

Anonymous said...

Lieve outfit. Perfecte styling!

Trouwens, ik post nu ook weer outfits op mijn blog nu mijn camera is gemaakt!

kwinst said...

Je bent al reacties aan het terug geven zag ik net! Dankjewel, ik vind de blouse zelf ook erg leuk!

En ik vind die playsuit echt zo schattig met dat printje, en die knoopjes zo! Staat je erg goed!


Super cute!

& mooie foto's ook van Venetië! Ik ben er in augustus voor het eerst geweest & vond het echt prachtig!!!

Unknown said...

luv this ensemble especially the peeptoes btw thanx 4 ur visit & comment on my blog! ;-) (Suz) said...

lief topje :)!

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

SO cute! Love your outfit! Very well coordinated.

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~

Lost at 11 said...

You look beautiful!


Ha, that scarf!
Haa, those shoes!!

Tanya said...

Ook weer leuk Sam! Ik vond je vorige outfits niet allemaal even leuk maar dit is echt heel schattig, goed gecombineerd en mooi :D

WREN said...

You're cute! Love the looks